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Lens mold

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In general, we have a common cause failures lenses , lens mold , unglued , deterioration, wear coating , aperture failure , focusing too tight , oil spills, dirt and lens coating damage ... etc., but the biggest reason is that these problems occur : the camera is not properly maintained and incorrect storage environment. And humid most common injuries to the lens is the lens mold.

Lens mold Tips !

Knowledge. Camera lens at a relative humidity of 55% RH or less, or less difficult conditions of temperature 15 ℃ mold ! ! When the temperature at 20-35 ℃, humidity 75-95% RH , the fungi which can be explosive growth rate .

Knowledge 2 . Prevention is better than cure , camera moldy , who is sent to a professional cleaning price from a few hundred to several thousand pieces, are likely ! ! ( Depending on the extent of damage to your lens coating and lens quality and moldy fixed ) . After hearing the victims often quoted , would fall into the " repair ? Still do not repair ? " Dilemma thinking.

Knowledge 3 If the lens is only a slight musty shops can send professional cleaning , but if you have mildew corrosion can clearly see the way the lens , then no saving this lens , it is impossible to restore the original appearance of the !

This is the lens mold, should be a lot of people have not read it. Have not seen a good representative of your lens is healthy

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