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Cabinets camera and lens is good? Lock Cabinets still good?

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Camera and lens mold prevention , Cabinets need it? Lock Cabinets ?

Customers often ask us : For proof camera , the camera how moisture problems, in the end how much humidity values suitable for storing the camera , you do not buy the type of problems Cabinets etc. .

Undoubtedly, it is indisputable proof for the camera , is certainly to be , required . Outset , the purpose is to prevent moisture and mildew . Moldy because of the humidity and temperature. Typically greater than 60% humidity , humidity is right, we will feel comfortable temperatures , mold will feel comfortable summer temperatures are high, it is more comfortable. Electronic components afraid of moisture, this known, said optical element here is the main lens moisture. CMOS is organic coated front lens glass which is also organic nitrogen shout , just to mold to provide food, pay attention to the humidity is very easy to mold . Now the lens, in order to improve performance , most of them have multi-coated lens surface . This layer provides a wealth of nutrients by the coating polymer material for fungal growth and reproduction , mold growth and reproduction will be conducted in the optical surface of the lens , the lens surface hyphae spread dendritic lanes , light transmission and imaging properties of the lens worse, until the mycelium covering the entire lens. Mold can also use the lens vitreous inorganic ingredients absorb nutrients , and therefore also to the intravitreal mycelium vertical erosion , infiltration development. Optical lenses generally constituted by a plurality of lenses , fungal mycelium growth not only in the surface of the lens , but also spread to the back edge of the lens through the lens , the lens can not remove mildew on both sides . And, by the spread of mold spores and ejection ways of infection among multi-chip lens , the lens loses value in use can not be saved , and ultimately scrapped.

International Camera Industry Association pointed out that the temperature below 10 ℃, 60% RH or less humidity , mold will stop breeding , at 70% RH to explosive breeding occurs between百分之90% RH. Relative to the expensive cameras, lenses , precious sample or the brainchild of a few hundred dollars for the provinces and district Cabinets, if due to damp mildew destroyed , it would be very worth the practice .

So in the end how much humidity values suitable for storing the camera is not as low as possible ? Now we already know the value can not exceed the maximum humidity 60% RH , but if the humidity is too low, for example less than 35% RH or less organic matter but will lead the camera due to too dry and cracked unglued , such as rubber, leather , etc. ; lens coating is too dry and cracking , plastic parts easy to aging , so long, lubricating mechanical parts will dry up . So we will recommend to our customers : to save the camera should not be less than the minimum of 40% humidity , the maximum should not exceed 60 percent to 45-55 percent humidity for the best value .

There are also individual customers say : I do not have electronic Cabinets , such as ease of use sealed plastic box buy some desiccant dehumidification I can . Yes, it is the case, proof is really very simple to find a sealed box to put some moisture into the dried material , indeed moisture. May be difficult to achieve precise humidity , which is the ability to control humidity . Just put in the time you will find that it will quickly put you in the water to breathe Cabinets very low , or even 20% RH or less ( of course, and our customers will say they would cover slightly open some time ) . Front has been said humidity value is too small , too dry , like it makes a lot of things to produce a qualitative change , so too dry can not play the role of preservation . Such is the same for your baby a great impact , in addition to this , the baby always humidity fluctuated unstable environment also affects its life , which is like the weather in fits and starts feel uncomfortable , colds same reason.

So you should always go to observe , for example , whether a change in the color of silicone , but also saturated with out heat , the sun is drying quit , you need to use the pan to fry , or get the microwave . After adding just go into heat , but also opened the lid a little , a few days before the real cover , avoiding the beginning suck too dry, these are very troublesome. Why are more and more people choose to abandon Lock Electronic Cabinets of reasons , this is it.

In fact, moisture is too simple , like this to find a sealed box , put some desiccant in, you can also reach the desiccant moisture , but always let the humidity reaches an equilibrium value , this is a perfect Cabinets . Be sure to select the purchase Cabinets Cabinets can control the humidity , so as to better preservation of your items. Compared to just a few hundred dollars a Cabinets, one lets you remove a lot of trouble and let your baby have a safe home , Cabinets sexual price is too high.

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