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● The company's electronic Cabinets, Electronic Dry Cabinet adopts the most advanced civilian dehumidification " semiconductor wafer cryogenic condensation dehumidifying " technology to produce the technology by the semiconductor condensing unit will absorb moisture condensation inside the cabinet integrated liquid discharge , and outside the cabinet natural evaporation into the air principle .

Product Features :

Microcomputer technology to control the movement of moisture responsive, more high precision , are intelligent detection control system will automatically detect changes in humidity chamber to chamber humidity changes as the basis, the intelligent adjustment dehumidification time , the equipment more stable energy efficient. For example : Suppose you set it at 40% RH, the device after a period of time to run , it will control the humidity in the vicinity of the set value , when the cabinet humidity reaches the set value , it automatically enters the constant humidity condition, only when the box body humidity deviation from the set value in the +3% RH. The system will work again , automatically open dehumidification command , to be down to 40% and automatic shutdown and humidity accurate.

1 , the movement of the temperature and humidity acquisition using the German imported high-precision humidity sensor , fast response , to ensure the accuracy of the acquisition , a small amount of data lag to ensure the accuracy of data collection and display it on the LCD screen directly , more intuitive, does not exist error ;

2 , Electronic Cabinets push-button control panel with user-friendly operation, easy , easy. Humidity of 20-90 % can be free to set your own needs for your love object storage humidity conditions tailored to provide a more reliable and secure environment dehumidification .

3 , dehumidification delicate movement , separate design , do not take up space inside . DC low voltage operation (DC 5V), lower cost saving , there is no danger of leakage security problems , nor is there a potential fire hazard .

4 , no compressor, no fan , no thermal effect , more energy efficient dehumidifier silent , no noise, no chemicals, no environmental problems plagued .

5 , the traditional iron load shelves , long-term storage load resistance, solve steel , plastic intolerance weight problems , more durable. Freedom Lift slide tray design , convenient access to safe , highly arbitrary configuration space .

6, the cabinet structure : box with 0.8mm to 1.2mm cold rolled steel is made of high quality , high steel cabinet body , load deformation, overlapping structure, does not leak gas, the sealing performance is better.

7 , the surface of the whole powder paint technology ( also known as spray ) ( This paint process requires pre- degreasing, degreasing , washing, rust, water, phosphate , washing , washing, surface adjustment, pure water washing , drying , electrostatic spraying, paint and other processes composition, is definitely not an ordinary paint ) , not paint, will not rust with good corrosion resistance , long time and so on.

8 , all- glass door glass , wide perspective , stereoscopic, safe and reliable, the use of stained glass installation form , solid, strong sealing ( sealing is guaranteed cabinet Cabinets basic requirement ) moisture, dust .

9 , inside the installation of LED lighting systems to facilitate access to goods at night , bright lights door , door lights off.

10 , in the field of semiconductor refrigeration industry-leading technology to produce semiconductor wafers in Ukraine , particularly good quality , guaranteed service life

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