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Professional integrity is our principle responsible 

Jing Li treat their own production company, for each product sold will like to treat their children. We always felt that if you receive customer complaints in our products, we will feel very distressed and ashamed, like a child outside a mistake, parents will want to teach him, the same thing can not happen again, as we continue to review and improve the product, is to be done so that every customer is satisfied, can feel at ease, happy chose to use Na Boshi Electronic Cabinets. 

● uphold the principle of good faith, we will not go against their conscience manufacturers cut corners, shoddy products; never to false advertising to deceive customers. 

● to rely on expertise, we are constantly improving the product and service innovation, the pursuit of perfection. 

● adhere to responsible attitude, Jing Li company to win the trust and respect of all our customers for the mission to the company for the purpose of sustainable management, cherish every opportunity for customer service. 

Na Boshi Electronic Cabinets life. Freedom to control 

You or your close friends may have had this experience: the beginning because of price to buy other brands Cabinets, but found that after using dehumidification speed super slow, sometimes after a long day, the humidity will not drop down, asking vendors to buy After that, they get: "Object is too wet, the proposed upgrade TURBO function" answer; barely reluctantly took upgrade costs, although some dehumidification speed becomes faster, but after some time they found another new problem: When opening a few consecutive times Cabinets door, dehumidification speed is slow or even not seem dehumidification. Once again, ask vendors, because the door and into the tank with water vapor, the original box will have a dry absorbent material to near saturation level again, this time dehumidifying force will slow down, then there will be about one hour Moisture time, this time there is no force that led to the dehumidifier humidity remains high. Second problem: obviously did not have time to open the door Cabinets, but the humidity has repeatedly declined far less than the desired safety humidity. Manufacturers had to ask again, get is: Reason drop too low humidity weather too dry. But no matter what the reason, this fluctuated, humidity fluctuations unstable Cabinets, the preservation of the object, okay? Like hot and cold bath in the bath as you like it? 

Ups and downs do not want to have this quality and mood? Cabinets Series switch Na Boshi it! Not only dehumidification fast, even if the door is also not affected repeatedly dehumidification speed! No humidity and time to produce so-called resurgence allow moisture pick-up problem, but does not have the humidity set point has been reached without dehumidification, Cabinets desiccant moisture that is too dry is also continuing problems, humidity control and stability at ease, they do not re- Flowers upgrade costs. Select the product a sense of security, the budget is much more important than saving. 

A safety and high efficiency dehumidification performance 

Chip-condensation desiccation fast physical adsorption Cabinets eight times the standard items can be quickly reduced to save humidity. After reaching the specified humidity control can be completely stabilized, the object will not be too damp and moldy bad, it will not be too dry cracks and deterioration, is the most secure and stable moisture application technology. 

The importance of the two dehumidification rate. 

Each object has the most suitable storage humidity, and only when the humidity reaches Cabinets internal storage humidity, saved only by the environmental impact of the release of the object itself contains moisture, this process can sometimes take hours and sometimes even take a few days, This water content and the object itself and Cabinets dehumidification capacity. For example: only hang wet clothes in a low humidity environment than it clothes itself will be volatile vapor; If the humidity is higher than it hanging in the environment, it also absorb the influx of steam. Items saved, too, on the faster dehumidification Cabinets, the object can be released as soon as possible so that the moisture content dehumidification, reply as soon as possible so that the best state of the object, reducing the object of aging! If every open door Cabinets dehumidification needs 5 hours or more, that day to open a few doors down, when to dehumidify it? ! This is like buying a refrigerator, every door every five hours, and even more than 8 hours to fall back to the original setting of the refrigeration temperature, and that this refrigerator door three times a day, you will have many fresh effect? 

3 Safety saving design 

Na Boshi Cabinets forming one, protection can be said to be airtight. Dehumidification thoughtful design good movement demolition, but also both the convenience and security, impeccable use of power in AC90V-265V 50/60HZ can easily convert 5V DC low voltage operation, both energy saving and durable; free pour , also need to replace any supplies, whether you are music lovers, photography enthusiasts, or professional collectors, often open the door to access the object or industrial materials storage, is your good helper easy. 

4 perfect design control humidity 

Na Boshi products imported sensitive capacitive humidity sensor with microcomputer intelligent humidity detection, can be more effective and stable control of humidity, the humidity is higher than the set value, it instantly dehumidification, lower than the set value is immediately stopped. Small humidity fluctuation range, stability control at ± 3% RH, you can prevent your beloved items aging, deterioration, so you are assured at all times. With sensitive instruments violin, the humidity is too high, the piano made of wood will absorb moisture expansion backplane, the panel will muster and out of tune; when too dry, piano and piano contraction will produce brittle, Walking wounded tone ... etc. and, therefore, humidity control is very important, stable humidity, can help valuables from damage and prolong the life of the article. 

5 materials adhere genuine, unequivocal 

Na Boshi Cabinets using premium paint with 4mm tempered glass, elegant, box made of high quality cold rolled steel production Angang, medium and large Cabinets and even strengthen the use of 1mm-1.4mm steel, steel version also made the bottom layer of the cross Liang weight support, even put your camera overweight have no problem. It do not want to carry big trouble, bottom retrofit brake wheel set type activities, free implementation. Cabinets working power bought from the market is not the kind of inexpensive adapter, but our own design and production could reach 0.1 corrugated products, semiconductor chip cooling resolutely discard those not guarantee the quality of low-cost brand-name products, but the choice in The reputation of the industry best technology products in Ukraine, the choice of high-precision high-sensitivity capacitive humidity sensors, humidity collected more assurance. 

6 year warranty lifetime warranty 

Na Boshi Cabinets five-year full warranty, within five years the movement has any problem, no matter where you are simply send us the movement. We are responsible for the return shipping, more complete service, Tam for lifelong moisture technical consulting, professional plus points. 

7 The Company's e-Safety Cabinets has been achieved CE certificate and EMC EMC Certification

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