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About us

Jing Li Electronics Co., Ltd. is located in Zhuhai in southern China in the beautiful coastal city --- Zhuhai , the company is specialized in the production and sales of electronic Cabinets, electronic moisture-proof cabinets, Cabinets photography , photographic proof cabinet companies, holders of " Na Boshi " brand names.

Strong technical force , professional and technical personnel with the industry for more than a decade of research and development experience. To credit, keep the contract, to ensure product quality, operating characteristics of many varieties and the principle of small profits , with many retailers and agents to establish a long-term stable cooperative relations , won the trust of our customers , among consumers enjoy higher status , while for the majority of users simultaneously solve moisture, mold , dust , rust , and also to extend parts of the aging time.

● The company's electronic Cabinets, electronic moisture-proof cabinets , Cabinets, Dry Cabinet adopts the most advanced civilian dehumidification " semiconductor wafer cooling and dehumidifying " technology to produce the technology by the semiconductor condensing unit will absorb moisture condensation inside the cabinet integrated liquid discharge and natural evaporation into the air outside the cabinet in principle .

● All Electronic Cabinets , electronic moisture-proof cabinets, Cabinets, moisture-proof cabinet microcomputer technology to control the movement of moisture responsive, more high precision , are intelligent detection control system will automatically detect changes in humidity chamber to humidity changes inside as the basis , the intelligent adjustment dehumidification time to make the device more stable energy efficient. For example : Suppose you set it at 40% RH, the device after a period of time to run , it will control the humidity in the vicinity of the set value , when the cabinet humidity reaches the set value , it automatically enters the constant humidity condition, only when the box when the body's humidity setpoint deviations from +3% RH, the system will work again , automatically open dehumidification command , to be down to 40% and automatic shutdown and humidity accurate.

● The movement of temperature and humidity data acquisition are imported original device to ensure the accuracy of the data collected and displayed in the LCD display directly , more intuitive , there is no error ;

● Control panel with touch- friendly operation , simple and easy. Humidity of 20-99 % can be free to set your own needs for your love object storage humidity conditions tailored to provide a more reliable and secure environment dehumidification .

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