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What is Lock Cabinets?

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Lock Cabinets : Silicone is generally placed in a sealed container to dehumidify . When saturated moisture absorption agent needs to be replaced or regenerated artificially drying , prolonged maintenance work over many years rather complicated ; more importantly, due to the moisture absorption saturation time is not easy to accurately foresee exactly how much humidity inside the container can not rely on a similar but silicone know the exact extent of the non- discoloration , and thus can not replace timely and appropriate moisture absorption agent.

Further , since the air from the outside air in the sealed container , the air in the container does not reduce the absolute water content or increasing the moisture content of the container is fixed , and the relative humidity of the ambient temperature due to the impact pneumatic lift the container occurs humidity lift . Thus , to a certain temperature and pressure conditions of moisture absorption by the use of the conditions under certain circumstances , due to the requirement can not be quantified by the safe keeping of the automatic control of humidity, the air in the container is not only not dry, humid conditions may also occur , and even lead to the vessel wall the condensation water .

In addition, when a new agent into the container to absorb moisture , because moisture absorption agent put the number of easy to master , too little humidity does not drop down , too much humidity is too low it will happen , may cause some harm to store items , cause the camera to the camera as an electronic device in an integrated circuit electrostatic breakdown , cracking of organic components , plastic, dendritic textured electrostatic photographic film and the like. And when after a period of use is expected to be replaced because it is not accurate , high humidity conditions will appear unstable humidity inside the container , to store items disadvantage. For these reasons, the use of a moisture absorbent saved articles security is not high .

In addition , this approach can only be used to save a small space in the container , not suitable for a large number of items stored , limited range of applications . And high moisture absorption and drying has been used to process requirements , must be baked at 105-115 ℃ constant temperature , such as temperature control is not good , not too low, drying, excessive moisture absorption agent will damage discoloration instructions agents, making it useless , not instructions. In addition , it is inappropriate to use in a large volume of a cabinet or room and storeroom .

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