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Electronic chip dehumidification Cabinets are those advantages?

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First: dehumidification fast, much faster than the physical adsorption of desiccation , usually the humidity dropped from 70% RH to 40% RH, the general volume of 70 liters of chip dehumidification Cabinets, takes about two hours . The general physical adsorption Cabinets need 5-24 hours to complete dehumidification. Suitable for humid objects and those who choose to use frequently .

Second: stable humidity control , humidity control with micro -line use, more effective and stable control of humidity, the humidity is higher than the set value on the dehumidifier , dehumidifier stops below the set value , the humidity can be controlled within ± 3% the RH range , do not worry due to seasonal changes , sooner or later, temperature, humidity and moisture- Cabinets and humidity control range is too wide , resulting in the phenomenon of excessive humidity fluctuations harm to save the object .

Third: low energy consumption, low-voltage operation with 5V DC , safe and energy saving , the use of the most peace of mind, and therefore widely professionals , saving precious objects , industrial materials , such as custody ... users love to use is recommended .

Fourth: the life of continuous operation and long service life , semiconductor wafers up to 8 to 100,000 hours , and physical adsorption desiccant generally 3-5 years of aging will affect absorption capacity .

Fifth : inside the space occupied by small , electronic dehumidifier is more reasonable than the physical style Cabinets Cabinets moisture design , smaller movement inside the occupied space , greater storage space inside .

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