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Cabinets and slow rapid dehumidification dehumidifier which is better?

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Someone said: Cabinets dehumidifier to do it slowly , slowly dehumidification go ! In fact, this sentence is like someone selling small car horsepower , run faster , and then he 'll tell you , look, fast car is very dangerous . Do not believe the false argument , Cabinets not drying box , Cabinets items not directly drying chamber , first remove the box fast Cabinets humidity inside the space only when the humidity is less than the when the value of the items stored in the humidity , the article itself will release their moisture. So of course, the sooner the better dehumidification , dehumidification sooner you can release the goods as soon as possible so that the moisture content , so that goods can be an early return to top condition. Reduce aging !

If you have a slow dehumidification Cabinets , Cabinets every open door dehumidifier will take five hours or more to open a few doors that day , when we can dehumidify it? For example : If you have a refrigerator , to boot several hours , the temperature will drop 4 ℃, and finally dropped to 4 ℃ , and you have to open the door. The day after you switch the door several times , the items in the refrigerator can save okay ? Would you consider buying this icebox?

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