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Electronic Cabinets Why use electronic humidity sensor

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       Electronic humidity sensor can capture trace changes in air humidity , responsive , lag time of only a few seconds , good linearity error is small , the annual drift . Because of changes in air humidity can be converted to an electrical signal output, thereby achieve the digital display. As a result of the display control signal and the source are the same , avoiding the accumulation of errors due to sample and display control caused by the separation , so the total error of the sampling control display electronic humidity sensor is a linear error itself , and also by the linear error compensation adjusting circuit further improve accuracy.

       Electronic humidity sensor Cabinets are generally used high-quality secondary machine precision voltage regulator to supply a large voltage range . ± 3% error in the measurement of the stability of a good level electronic humidity sensor , good stability, error indicators are fully able to meet the requirements.

       Currently there are a small number of Cabinets manufacturer of electronic humidity sensor , Zhuhai Jing Li Na Boshi Electronic Co., Ltd. produces the brand is one of a series of Cabinets . Although Cabinets costs and selling prices of electronic sampling and humidity control display products are higher than mechanical sampling and humidity control display , but more than 10 years , 20 years of long-term preservation perspective of effective security measure , as well as from the quality of the product life consideration, it is still focused on the development direction of choice, but also the electronic automatic Cabinets .

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