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Physical style Cabinets, why hang a sheet through a separate way to show humidity values???

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    Due to the physical style of Cabinets are mechanically humidity sensor , so there is no humidity electrical output , digital display can not be achieved , which can only be displayed with the humidity inside pointer with mechanical hygrometer .

    Humidity sensor Mechanical Analog hygrometer with hair style , but also on the hydrophilic polymer coated metal gossamer plastic material. The principle and the same mechanical and humidity sensors , are of length change style , change in length using the displacement generated to drive the pointer shaft , move the pointer on the dial , enabling measurement functions humidity. Therefore, the humidity sensor has the same mechanical weaknesses, namely unresponsive, long lag time can be up to one twenty minutes , you can not react to trace water changes , display error, typically within ± 7% or more , high up ± more than 10% , the value of drift large , unstable, aging deterioration , affect life expectancy. Although it can not accurately be measured reliably , the value displayed is for reference only , but because of its low price , can work without an electrical signal , which is also widely used.

    Peers often say : These Cabinets, due to sampling control and display independent unrelated data show no more real fraud . Do you not know , because of sampling and the display is not related to the first : there will be a mechanical sensor sampling error , the second : there are separate display table error ( these two points , those who engage in mechanical people understand ) , but it exists cumulative error , the random sample of the total display error can be controlled up to ± 20%.

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