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Cabinets humidity detection method setting mode

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Cabinets humidity detection method for setting the correct way

1 display panel 8888 symbols appear , please re- plug the client ( inside the computer system crashes ) , if re- plug is still the same, then sent maintenance.

2 Cabinets digital display panel beating too slow ( long delays )

( 1 ) This is the positional relationship between the sensor line caused the door to avoid frequent switching , affect the instrument accuracy. ( 2 ) more lockers , causing convection is not strong.

(3) the accuracy of the temperature and humidity Cabinets wrong treatment :. A correct understanding of the instrument is more than last year , when more than you need to arrange a time to re- check ( split back after correction Replace ) b customers test equipment , calibration date . is there fairness ( corrected more than once a year ) c. humidity test instruments have different reactions points , d. corrosive or acidic volatile items will also enable LED failure.

( 1 ) test equipment will have different results of different temperatures and humidity . Humidity the relative humidity , the relative humidity value for the temperature , the 29 degrees and 31 degrees is not the same display ( not match with the type of the saturated vapor temperature pressure and humidity values will accommodate relatively the same)

( 2 ) different test locations will have different results in terms of test instruments 315 Cabinets cabinet error value placed bottom of the tank will be 4-5% , is placed at the top compared to 1-2% , this is a short-term two within ten minutes , the test is important when testing the same position with senor , can get a value closer to the LED .

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