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Na Boshi Cabinets Product Description

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Na Boshi Cabinets Product Description

● The company's electronic Cabinets, electronic moisture-proof cabinets , Cabinets, Dry Cabinet adopts the most advanced civilian dehumidification " semiconductor wafer cooling and dehumidifying " technology to produce the technology by the semiconductor condensing unit will absorb moisture condensation inside the cabinet integrated liquid discharge , free pour, the cabinet evaporates into the air outside the natural principle .

● All dehumidification microcomputer technology to control the movement of moisture responsive, more high precision , are intelligent detection control system will automatically detect changes in humidity chamber to chamber humidity changes as the basis, the intelligent adjustment dehumidification time make the device more stable energy efficient. Stability control wet ! For example : Suppose you set it at 40% RH, the device after a period of time to run , it will control the humidity in the vicinity of the set value , when the cabinet humidity reaches the set value , it automatically enters the constant wet state , only when the box when the body was again higher than +3% RH humidity set point , the system will work again , automatically open dehumidification command , to be down to 40% and automatic shutdown and humidity accurate.

● dehumidification fast, much faster than the physical adsorption of desiccation , usually the humidity dropped from 70% RH to 40% RH, the general volume of 70 liters of chip dehumidification Cabinets, takes about 2-3 hours , ideal for the more humid items preservation and use of those who use frequently . The general physical adsorption Cabinets it takes about 24 hours to complete dehumidification , exactly eight times faster .

● The movement of temperature and humidity data acquisition are imported original device to ensure the accuracy of the data collected and displayed in the LCD display directly , more intuitive , there is no error ;

● Control panel with touch- friendly operation , simple and easy. Humidity of 20-99 % can be free to set your own needs for your love objects tailored storage humidity conditions , with power and memory, without re- calls to be set .

●: low energy consumption, low-voltage operation with 5V DC , safe and energy-saving, less than 5 kWh of electricity a month , and have a few bucks . Use the most at ease , providing a more reliable and secure environment dehumidification . No need to replace supplies, do not worry dehumidification capacity will diminish.

●: life long working life , semiconductor wafers up to 8 to 100,000 hours , while the physical adsorption of the chemical desiccant generally 3-5 years of aging will affect absorption capacity .

Dehumidification speed and wet stability control is the key to judging the merits Cabinets grade . Initial purchase cost saving budget , the future will only bring more money to spend to do repairs and tears of pain ! If your baby valuable / Your baby has precious memories / You really care about your baby / baby you want long-term preservation , prolonging life , then you need a good Na Boshi Electronic Cabinets , absolutely save to meet your needs , you will yell " so worth it " guarantee will not be disappointed !

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